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femdom escorts MoscowMy name is Svetlana. I’m classy, elegant and articulate Moscow escort girl; a suitable companion to accompany you wherever you wish. I can dress in a subtle but beautiful cocktail dress, glamorous evening attire, or jeans and a t-shirt, depending on your request. I’m chatty, intelligent Russian lady and good at connecting with people. There will be no awkward silences and I promise you’ll feel instantly at ease.

By the time I decided to become an independent escort in Moscow, I already knew what I was looking for in a date: excitement, authenticity, genuine connection and the chance to explore sexually. To me, girlfriend experience (GFE) should combine the warmth and empathy of the best social date with the excitement and abandon of the most successful sexual encounter.

I love intimacy and believe it comes in many forms; a heartfelt conversation, an impassioned debate, a secret shared, a sensual massage, etc… If you’re new to this world, I will guide you. If you’re a seasoned bon vivant, we will scale new heights. Girlfriend experience will include as much time socialising and as much erotic time as you wish. I’m committed to making this a wonderful experience for you, while honouring my own desires (I firmly believe the best Moscow escort bookings are those in which both parties are able to express themselves). However we meet, you will have my undivided attention as we disappear from the realm of the ordinary.

As an independent, mature escort, I enjoy exploration of all kinds. If you’re wondering about something, just ask. Share your fantasies with me, or ask me to suggest something new, so that our time together will be not only hot, but also transformative. I’m guessing you found your way to me because you’re looking for something special. A kinky escort who is mature enough to own her sexuality and adventurous enough to keep exploring. I don’t draw a sharp line between ‘vanilla’ and ‘kink’; elements of the latter are frequently present in play which masquerades as the former. However, having clear language to discuss desire is at the heart of everything I do, so here goes! If you have a particular kink you’d like to explore, please get in touch and we can discuss it.

P.S. ​If you’re from out of town, I’m happy to suggest bars and restaurants for every taste. Let’s have fun!

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